Gifting Experience for Christmas…

Christmas, the time for finding that perfect gift for your loved one.  Every Christmas we are asked what are the best toys that we should be getting to help our son with his language? Or what toys will help with our daughter’s speech?  The truth is there are many factors that we consider when we selecting toys.  We will be discussing all of these factors, December 7 at 8:00pm LIVE on Regina Speech Centre’s face book page.  Be sure to join that conversation and ask all the questions you may have then.

However, we often advocate for gifts that emphasize experiences as well.  Experience gifts introduce new vocabulary, build memories and build strong meaningful interactions.

Regina Speech Centre has complied a list of “Experience” gifts.  The best part? All of these gifts mentioned below can be found in our own amazing city!

  1. Books; you can never have enough books. However, if your loved one does not have a library card yet, why not get them a library card with “coupons” to go for hot chocolate and library dates? You can even subscribe to a magazine such as National Geographic’s for Kids, or ChikaDEE or Chirp.  Books encourage dialogue, spark curiosity, and expose children to a wide variety of vocabulary.
  2. Classes; there are so many amazing classes in this city that various organizations put on. You can always purchase gift certificates, and classes are a great way to immerse your child in a social setting to help them learn a new skill!

Here is a list of amazing organizations within our city;

– Red Fox Creative Studios provide classes for 4 or more weeks, and offer various creative skill building opportunities.

–  Cathedral Arts School they believe in encouraging your personal creativity in a fun and nurturing studio!

– ; encourage children to develop sports skills, and play with passion and play for fun, encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

–; a unique gym right in the heart of the city, Flux is a school dedicated to the study, practice and research of human movement. The best part is they strive on diverse skills and capabilities.

–; The city of Regina also offers a wide range of classes for our community for various ages.  You can also buy gift certificates that can be used for swimming passes for the various swimming pools throughout the city all year round.

  1. Memberships; there are various monthly memberships that you can subscribe to online (We will list some below). However, you can also purchase a family membership at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. This not only allows you access to Regina’s science centre, but it also allows you entrance to science centres across North America! This is a great gift the whole family can enjoy all year long

Some online subscriptions include;

Experience gifts build memories, promote interaction and help fight the “clutter” parents sometimes feel with Christmas Gifts. Tell us, what would be your favorite “Experience Gift”?