Reading, Writing, and Spelling Supports

Children need a lot of skills in order to read and spell successfully, but they are not born with these skills and need to be taught to read and spell. Some children need large amounts of instruction, while other children appear to ‘just pick it up’.The simple task of reading and spelling is really anything but simple!

Regina Speech Centre offers one to one tutoring by a qualified teacher, thorough learning assessments to set appropriate goals,  therapy supports to remediate underlying skills, and camps and groups to build confidence and skills.

NEW THIS FALL!  Regina Reading Academy opens this fall.  It is a small group, intensive supports program offering a unique opportunity to help close gaps for your reader.  It will offer 3 sessions per week (3 hours long) in a small group format, with individualized goals, and focused  work.  Contact us for more details.

Anyone can have difficulties with reading and spelling and due to the complex nature of reading, no one cause can be identified.  This means that the difficulties children face can differ completely from child to child.  Many children have differences in brain wiring associated with language-based learning disabilities.

School is not meant to be difficult for your child. Continued difficulties with learning to read and spell can impact on your child’s self-esteem and confidence, and their overall experience at school.  Reading difficulties generally do not ‘go away’.  Children need thorough assessments to determine the underlying difficulties and they need to be taught the right skills and strategies to support their learning.

The methods used to treat reading and writing disorders are different based on the reasons behind the difficulties, so at Regina Speech Centre we use thorough assessments to identify the underlying problems and patterns. Once we understand the cause(s) of your child’s learning difficulties we customize treatment to meet their learning needs. Our therapists and educators are experienced and skilled and can also give recommendations for the accommodations and assistive technologies that are most appropriate for your child. 

At Regina Speech Centre we believe in providing assessment and intervention using the most current evidence based practices in our field.  This includes reading, writing and spelling.  Our experienced team of professionals will help determine what your child needs to succeed in school.  We implement a steuctured literacy approach which focuses on systematic and explicit instruction to help your child improve their reading.

We offer:

  • New this fall: REGINA READING ACADEMY.   Small group, intensive supports three times a week to help close gaps in reading acheivment.
  • Full assessments to help determine where your child is having difficulty in reading, writing and spelling.  Reports will include recommendations for interventions.
  • Intervention plans and home programs based on our assessments to support your child’s reading, writing and spelling development
  • One to one tutoring support from a qualified teacher
  • Intervention plans tailored to your needs from both therapists and experienced educators
  • Groups and camps to support reading, writing and spelling
  • Workshops and seminars for parents and teachers outlining what the research currently recommends as best practices for teaching and treating reading, writing and spelling

Contact us today to book your assessment and intervention planning.

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