What is Structured Literacy?

This week, with her permission, on our social media posts we shared Nancy Young’s ladder of reading (www.NancyYoung.ca).  It indicates that all readers will benefit from a structured literacy approach, especially those that are at risk of having difficulty acquiring literacy.   So what is structured literacy and why do we promote this approach in our Read More >

Why should you choose tutoring?

Is your child struggling with reading, writing, or spelling?  Are you not sure where to start to help them?  Have you been considering tutoring for your child? There are many reasons to opt for tutoring for your child. Maybe you find your child more likely to work through school struggles with another person, maybe you Read More >

Literacy Matters Month

Welcome to our Literacy Matters month at Regina Speech Centre.  Our amazing team of language specialists created a motto a few years ago together by brainstorming what we really value, and we came up with:  “Empowering Familes.  Connecting Communities.”  It’s at the heart of everything we do.  This month we really wanted to focus on Read More >