Literacy Matters Month

Welcome to our Literacy Matters month at Regina Speech Centre.  Our amazing team of language specialists created a motto a few years ago together by brainstorming what we really value, and we came up with:  “Empowering Familes.  Connecting Communities.”  It’s at the heart of everything we do.  This month we really wanted to focus on supporting our readers, writers and spellers. We’re going to spend the month giving families and educators information and resources to help them support their learners as well as connect with each other to build a community where every child can read.

We are passionate about this part of our clinic and wanted to showcase it for the month.  Between assessments, therapy and tutoring we strive to provide clients with the most effective support possible.  So follow along on our social media as we provide families and educators with resources, tips, facts, research based information, activities, and workshops. We’ll discuss community resources, how to know if your child is at risk, the science of reading, intervention that works and many more topics.  Let’s start a conversation where we find the way to support every reader to the best of their ability using methods that we know through research are effective!