Opening this Speech Centre was Our Dream

It has been a week since we have been in our new speech centre, and each day that we open the door to start our morning is a little surreal.  It’s amazing to see our dream and hopes come to fruition.

When we started this centre, we wanted a centre that is warm, welcoming and open to our community.  We wanted a centre that allowed families to access speech and language services while they were on the wait list for publicly funded services; or to access in addition to publicly funded services.  We wanted a sensory space for our families that would benefit from it.  When we dreamed of each office, we dreamed of a bright space that is welcoming to our clients and relaxing to our families; a space that communicated we were here to help and work with them. Every detail in our space was made with our clients and families in mind, and we hope you feel that coming into our space.

The renovations we took on to build our speech centre were not originally in the plan, in fact we hadn’t considered the extent of the renovations we would have to do to build this space.  But there, besides us and encouraging us, were our families.  Telling us to build the centre and build the centre we wanted for the families we serve.  So we did.

Our grand opening was an unbelievable experience.  Seeing our clients and their families tour the space, share our excitement about the space and participate in the Music Therapy was amazing.  At the end of the day, as we sat in our new reception area and soaked in the accomplishment of our grand opening we were overwhelmed with appreciation, and struggled to put into words how thankful we truly felt. The truth is we would not be here carrying out our dream if it were not for your support.  We have had astounding support from our clients.  Their families.  Our friends.  Fellow colleagues.  Other professionals. Our community. And of course our families.

Thank you, a million times, for your continued support.  We look forward to seeing the adventure of serving our families and community unfold.

–  Regina Speech Centre