Welcome to the Team Chandra Whippler!


We are so pleased to let you know a little bit more about Chandra Whippler, who has been working at Regina Speech Centre for the past month and impressing us with her dedication, her love for her clients and families , her cheery smiles and her therapy knowledge.  Thanks so much for joining our little family Chandra and helping us build our community.  Read on to learn a little more about her inspiration and how she started in our amazing field.

Chandra Whippler, M.H.Sc., SLP(C), Registered SK

I’ve had a lengthy but exciting adventure to becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist. I had always known that I wanted to work with children for a career. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of Regina having been born and raised here in Regina. Though fascinated by Psychology, my long-term aim was to become a Speech and Language Pathologist. Upon finishing my undergraduate degree, I went off to Australia to do some travelling. A few years later I found myself back there starting my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. I graduated from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. Since becoming a speech therapist, I have worked with school-aged children helping them to reach their communicative potential across various environments. I also have worked in early intervention supporting children with extra needs, along with their families. During this time, my husband and I also moved back to Regina and welcomed a spirited baby girl to our lives who continues to show me the importance of connection and helps me continually learn new things about child development and communication!
I love the diversity that this field brings to my life. Every child is so different and I love how it challenges me to continue to learn and find innovative and research driven ways to best support the children and families I am working with. I feel like communication is such an integral part of making connections with other people and love having a role in helping children be the best communicators they can be across all environments. I have experience in a range of areas including Autism, early intervention, literacy, speech sound disorders, social skills, and augmentative and alternative communication, as well as experience working with children with a range of delays and language learning disorders. I believe parents play a critical role in their child’s goal setting and therapy and love building relationships with families while I play a small role in helping to foster their child’s development.