“We had the opportunity to work with Nichole for speech therapy for our youngest son. The experience proved invaluable for our family.  We had worked with other speech pathologists previously, but it was in working with Nichole that we achieved our successes.  Our son loved his sessions with her and responded very well to therapy.  Mom loved the sessions too – being able to observe Nichole in action was a phenomenal learning opportunity.  Her coaching equipped us with tools and strategies we could implement daily.  We all had great success under her guidance, especially our son.   We thank you Nichole!”

– The Reynolds Family

“Since he started working with Cynthia several months ago, my toddler (diagnosed with ASD) has improved his communication and social/interpersonal skills significantly. Cynthia has not only helped our son learn to better express himself, she has also taught his father and I key strategies for solidifying and continually improving his skills. I’ve always felt that Cynthia’s work with our son goes beyond just facilitating his language skills and has had a powerful impact on his overall development and well-being. On a personal level, Cynthia is very warm, caring, and extremely flexible and accommodating. Our son adores Cynthia and it has been a real pleasure to work with her.”

-Kara V. and Kevin B., Parents

“Nichole is an amazing SLP, educator, and coach. She goes above and beyond her calling and puts her all into everything she does. She has worked with three of our children and the results have been outstanding! Nichole always finds a way to connect with a child as well as their family and is excellent at communicating with the child and parents. Her environment is always very comfortable, relaxed, and cheerful. She finds a child’s interests and uses them to work with the child. Our kids love Nichole and can never wait to “play” with her.”

– Barbara Smadu

“I can’t say enough positive things about the services we received for our toddler.  Cynthia assessed our daughter’s strengths and needs through play and simple interactions. She identified not only skills we could be working on in speech therapy, but challenges we needed to explore with other professionals (OT, PT, ENT) and helped us connect with those professionals when needed.
Cynthia has a warmth and enthusiasm that drew my toddler in right away. She got down on the floor and played with our daughter for the full hour of each session. As well, she maintained the patience and acceptance needed to work with our little one who felt frustrated at times.
Her suggestions for things to work on at home were always fun and doable and realistic for a busy family. We saw progress in the short time that we worked with Cynthia and I believe she has set us on a path for our little girl to experience success.”

-Erin M. , Parent

“We have been seeing Nichole for 3 years and she is amazing at what she does!! Her therapy isn’t like any therapy I have ever received for my daughter before. She teaches by playing games and making it fun for kids. After each session she would give us things to work on at home.  My daughter loves going to see Nichole and would ask at least once a week when we were going back.  She is a very personable person, very good at what she does, knows her stuff and can contact her at anytime if you had questions or concerns.   If we would had never done private therapy with Nichole, my daughter  would not be where she is today!! We choose to do private therapy because the therapy in schools or other programs just aren’t enough! We’ve never regretted seeking out Nichole for additional speech therapy.”

– Charlene Koncz

” We have received speech and language services from Cynthia for our boys (8 years and 18 months). The boys have benefitted tremendously from her individualized and engaging approach. Cynthia utilizes strategies that are tailored to their specific speech and language needs. The sessions have been fun, practical and all the strategies are taught to the parents to further assist the child in mastering the skill. Parents are provided with the tools necessary to support their child at home. Our family is grateful for Cynthia’s services and ongoing support.”

-The Cey family

“Nichole is an amazing therapist! She has completely turned around our son’s speech, and I’m so grateful to have found her! We’ve been working with her for two years, and my son, Sam, loves her. I just love watching their sessions together, and my son and I both leave every session having learnt so much. She is incredibly patient and kind, and its clear she knows exactly what she’s doing and is super well trained. The best thing she did for Sam is teach my partner and I new skills to help Sam learn to articulate his words. We use these skills everyday, and Sam loves “practicing words” with us. Now he can have conversations with his friends, family and especially his grandparents, and we all love listening to his stories and understanding every word he says! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a speech therapist!”

– Meghan Woods, Parent

“We were referred to Nichole Forbes because of her experience and training in PECS (picture exchange communication system), for our son Ryker, then 2, who started off with calling her “woo who”. We worked extensively with Nichole for 3 years, Ryker started off with having very few sounds/approximations. Nichole worked with him weekly, diagnosed him with moderate Apraxia of speech, and worked out a plan on how to help him. From PECS, to a communication device, to sounds, words, sentences and phrases. He always had a blast, playing games, reading books, building train tracks and playing with cars, all while working on his sounds or words. Nichole always took the time to explain to me what she was doing with Ryker and why, and what I could do with him at home. Nichole was such a pleasure to work with and her experience and training is sure to show when you work with her. I’m so glad we were referred to Nichole those many years ago, without her I really don’t think Ryker would have made all the progress he did, and wouldn’t be the chatter box he is now. It was a bitter sweet day when we had our last session with Nichole, who by the end was called “Auntie Cole”.

– Stacie Weiss, Parent