May is Better Speech and Hearing Month!

May is Better Speech and Hearing month, a month where we as Speech Language Pathologists are given the chance to promote our field, raise awareness of how diverse our field is and celebrate the individuals we have the honor to work with.  Typically for Better Speech and Hearing Month we partner with a local restaurant and host a silent supper.  The idea behind our silent supper is people who attend are challenged to order their meal and visit until their food is ready using only and Alternative Augmentative Communication Device (AAC).  The devices we have traditionally provided have been low tech communication boards, ipads with apps such as sonoflex and Proloquo2go, and Picture Exchange Communication books (PECS).  This easily has been one of our favorite events we host each year, and has become a fun tradition.

However, this year we are unable to host our event due to social distancing with COVID19.  So we are reaching out to our followers, friends, and families to challenge them to participate in an AAC challenge online with us.  This year we are running a #yqrpositivitychallenge with our #bshmchallenge.  The idea is to share a positive message on Facebook or Instagram using an alternative mode of communication and challenge three other people to participate in the challenge.  By participating in this challenge you have the opportunity to WIN a $50.00 gift card to the local business The Everyday Kitchen.  Send a message to your friends, families even our community spreading hope, cheer, and joy!

Have any questions? Ask!  Need a communication board? A communication board for download is here;  positive board

Here are the details for our challenge;